May 12 – 28, 2023


An apt title for the upcoming show from 18 year old emerging artist Makayla Talsma. Depth, intuition & raw talent characterize this young artist’s repertoire. Makayla is a name of Hebrew origin from: “Michael” meaning “who is like God?” Makayla explores the depth of that question through her work. Living in the Edmonton Area, she specializes in portraits as well as contemporary landscapes using the medium of oil paint. Makayla is almost entirely self-taught and has been painting with oils for around five years. Her work is influenced by the geography of northwestern Europe and is grounded in Canadian roots and art styles. Join us for the unveiling of her incredible collection of works at Bay 1 Gallery.

“The most experienced painter cannot begin to unfold or even properly replicate the beauty of creation. Nature is an overflowing well of inspiration, and I believe it is a reflection of its Creator. As an artist, I am reminded that I do not create anything; I am affected, inspired, and humbled by YHWH.” Makayla TalsmaPsalms 89: 8 “O LORD God Almighty, who is like you? You are mighty, O LORD, and your faithfulness surrounds you.”

  • Join us for the opening reception, Friday May 12 at 7pm – 9pm. We will have live music and cash bar. Registration is free and just helps us prepare.
  • The artist will also be in attendance on Saturday May 13, from 1 – 3pm. Espresso & cash bar open for service.

Show runs through May 28th. We hope you will join us for this incredible young artist’s unveiling.