Glen Ronald

Medium: Mixed Media

Glen is an artist to his core. As a kid, he was always drawing, but unlike most of us he kept going when he was a teenager. He got an honours degree in microbiology but that did not satisfy him. He went to art school and started figuring out what he loved. Then he got another degree and started steel working and teaching overseas to pay for those degrees. All the while painting and painting and showing in galleries at home and abroad. Always laying down chaos and pulling out the order therein. Marrying, having children, starting a business. More chaos, more order. More followers, more shows, more sophistication in his style.

Glen offers paintings in many formats from 10-foot acrylic and resin to 1-foot designer pillowcases. He offers commissions, painting parties, and live painting.

Glen’s vision is to get everyone thinking deeper about where they come from and why they do what they do. His goal is to do this through art. So of course, he wants everyone looking at this art.

You want art that reflects you. Glen’s art has so much deeply embedded that it reflects a variety of aesthetics: quirky, goth, pop, wildlife. Even people who proudly “don’t like art” get sucked into these complex yet accessible images.

“Glen is an internationally recognized artist with an unconventional path to success and fulfilling his passions.” – The Helm

For more information or to contact this artist for a commission, please contact [email protected].