Doug Madill

Medium: Soft Pastel

Doug Madill lives and works from his home studio in Edmonton Alberta. He trained for 4 years in Visual Communications at the internationally recognized ACAD (Now, Alberta University of the Arts) in Calgary and has operated his award winning design communication studio, Madilllustration Design inc. for over 30 years.

Doug loves to see the beauty in the world that can exist virtually anywhere you look. He told his kids as they grew up to keep looking up to the sky and notice how amazing it is. Take the time to look at your environment and where you are. Doug loves the outdoors. Hiking, skating, driving or walking are all more inviting if you remain aware of and look to the world you are in at that moment.

Doug’s style is not hyper realistic but rather focuses on creating a fresh experience or impression while still capturing the powerful familiarity of the subject. The ‘Live edge’ style of Doug’s paintings is an integral part of it’s final presentation. It is a revealing of his media and how it interacts with the surface being used.

Doug’s paintings are created with Soft Pastel. He’s spent decades developing and honing his technique & style. Much of that style has evolved from his developing a distinct base material he applies the pastel on. The texture this creates works specifically well for his strong application style & technique.

Doug enjoys creating custom/personal commissions.

For more information or to contact this artist for a commission, please contact [email protected].