Dale Kalbfleisch

Medium: Veneers, Solid Wood, Stains & Ink
Work displayed in Handcrafted Wood Frames

“My work is a tribute to the land of my roots and history, and to those who nurture the land. I see an opportunity to connect with and be attentive to this land; to take tiny steps towards wholeness and to treasure the land’s rhythm and life. A chance to reflect and marvel, and acknowledge this mystery. My images are seeing after a long look, the blink after the stare, the impression of a snapshot and the stillness between breaths. I am fascinated with fluid forms and the nuances of layers, geometry and patterns, light and color. The welcome rhythm in the repetitive rows of fence posts, telephone and power poles, road intersections, and the fields enclosed and defined by their range and township roads; all these capture my imagination.

I owe thanks to those tending this land, and for that reason feel comforted and redeemed. My panels start with veneer or solid wood, chosen for species, grain and natural color, followed by sketching, routing, staining, shading and applying ink and finish. The images have depth and contrast. The frames contribute their grain and the texture of a resawn surface, providing a subtle and supportive layered border.”

For more information or to contact this artist for a commission, please contact [email protected].