Rhiannon Rathwell

Medium: Wood

Rhiannon Rathwell is a graduate of the Alberta University of the Arts with a degree in Fine Art majoring in Drawing and a recent recipient of the Explore and Create/ Early Artist Career Grant from Canada Council of the Arts. Originally from Alberta, she spends much of her spare time exploring river pathways and this has been the inspiration of a series of drawings entitled Repeating Elements.

Artist Statement: Repeating Elements

Tinted wood grain seeps through each picture adding a base texture and luminous quality. Drawn over top with archival pen, are a variety of small organic inspired patterns. Through intense repetition, images emerge that are suggestive of mysterious landscapes or earth formations.

Like ripples in water or the movement of trees in the wind, these works have a mesmerising quality. They seem at once tranquil and harmonious and yet  there is also a foreboding atmosphere. Organic forms appear to be shifting and expanding and it is only a matter of time before space runs out. Laborious accumulation creates a quiet energy that speaks of time and pressure, like a moment that has been fossilised.

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