Bolos & Boxes

Nov 18 – Dec 9, 2023

Coinciding with our box show will be the release of Sue Zukiwsky’s new collection of Bolo Ties. Sterling silver, precious & semi precious stone work by Formz.

There has never been a time when Sue hasn’t been interested in all things that sparkle. Over 30 years ago, Karen Cantine (world-renowned silversmith) welcomed Sue into her studio to hone her own skills as a silversmith and mentor her in her craft.

During these 30 years she has developed her skills and sense of design to create pieces that reflect her own unique vision. Sterling Silver is an amazing medium that can be shaped and formed to create unique pieces birthing the name Formz as her brand. The addition of precious and semiprecious stones, many of which she has acquired from sellers around the world, adds to the one of a kind, charming aesthetic.

Her newly created line of luxury bolo ties will make their debut at this show. Their versatility for tie or necklace adds elegance to any ensemble. Each bespoke design reflects skill, creativity and experience. What a perfect time of year to browse through Sue’s vast collection of masterly crafted sometimes intricately complex designs. T

This show opening will coincide with THE BOX SHOW opening, NOV 18: 12-4pm and will be on display for 3 weeks.