Marke Henteleff

Medium: Black Duck Pottery


I learned pottery as a teenage by apprenticing with a Winnipeg potter (Leonard Marco) and have taken some additional training over the years in throwing techniques and glaze formulation. Basically, I am self taught. I work from my home studio, making functional and decorative pottery, primarily using a potter’s wheel (throwing) and my own glazes. Since retiring from my career in forestry and environmental engineering, I have focused on teaching pottery locally (schools, art centres) and in my home studio (prior to the pandemic). I have lived in Edmonton in 2011.

Collection name: “Earthworks”

Technique: wheel thrown clay (cone 6), buffed terra sigillata exterior, glazed interior.

Terra sigillata, roughly translated as “sealed earth”, is an ancient method of finishing pottery. Slip (liquid clay) is painted on the surface of the ceramic vessel while the vessel is still wet, then buffed when dry with a smooth stone. The result is a smooth, satin finish. The vessel is then fired in a kiln and the interior is glazed with a clear glaze to make it water tight. The color of these pots is the result of the clay used to make the pot (black), and the color of the applied slip (brown). The pots are food safe and dishwasher safe. Earthworks can be sold as a set or individually. If you’d like more information about this artist and or this series email or call us at Bay 1 Gallery.

For more information or to contact this artist for a commission, please contact [email protected].