Janet Sutanto

Medium: Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour

Janet is an abstract expressionist painter who grew up in a small town called Spruce Grove in Alberta, Canada. From when she could remember, her life was always filled with creativity.  Throughout her school years, art class was her escape, the place where she excelled and felt the most comfortable.

She now currently lives and works as a full time artist in Edmonton, with her husband and three young kids. From her art studio attached to her home, she primarily work in acrylics but also dabbles in watercolor, oil sticks, collage and gold leaf .

“Painting is what gives me energy, excitment, and joy, and I hope that is what my paintings evoke as well.  it is often a very spiritual time for me as well, as it is a way for me to reflect and connect with God.” – Janet

For more information or to contact this artist for a commission, please contact [email protected].