Christopher Kingston

Medium: Photography

Born in Miramichi, New Brunswick. Christopher L. Kingston currently resides in Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada. Chris has always admired and been drawn to capturing abstract images through movement. He accomplishes this through zooming the lens, camera movement and long exposures. These “long exposures” are created with all elements in the image stagnent except for cloud, water, people and or vehicle movement. They are printed in the classic, and timeless black and white image on archival paper.

These images are created by setting the camera on a sturdy tripod, calculating exposure time, and exposing the image on the sensor by opening the shutter for the duration (most times 2 through 16 minute intervals) required. While the image is being created, Chris likes to listen to classical music, contemplate the image gradually being exposed and or the next image he wishes to capture. It’s a slow and methodical process as film once was and perhaps that is the appeal. Movement in a still image has always been attractive and seems to add an extra dimension to the image.

Some of his images have been published in the PX3 awards in Paris, Black & White Spider Awards, International Color Awards, Photolife Magazine and Photographers Forum.

For more information or to contact this artist for a commission, please contact [email protected].